lqing Limitless Devil Dao
Limitless Devil Sect is just a second-rate sect of the Devil Dao. There are countless devil cultivation sects in the Tianxuan Continent, where being a second-rate sects is basically the same as being unknown to the world, but Ding Hao’s entry in the Limitless Devil Sect has led all of the world’s dao sects and demon sects to remember this inferior Devil Dao small sect! Ding Hao also became the first person in 5,000 years of the Limitless Devil Sect to be crowned with the title – Limitless Devil Monarch! The Devil Dao is known for its truly fast cultivation speeds, yet the Limitless Devil Merit cultivation technique is not only incomparably slow in the eyes of the Devil Dao, but cannot even compare with the speed of the orthodox cultivator’s techniques. Not to mention the power, as even most of the Limitless Devil Sect’s disciples themselves have already switched to other techniques, but Ding Hao has increased the cultivation speed of the Limitless Devil Merit by more than a hundred times, and has risi
Qidian Sorry, I’m Cheating
“Sorry, I’m on the hook” “Ding, congratulations to the host, get the magical golden hoop!” “Ding, congratulations to the host, get 90 million body tempering pills!” “Ding, congratulations to the host, get the god-level understanding!” Ye The green soul traverses the alien world, activates the super treasure chest system, marches bravely all the way, embarks on the road of invincibility, crushes countless arrogances, and suppresses the eternal heavens! What great sage reincarnation, return from hell, Tianjiao witch, fairy descended to the earth, all kneel at my feet and sing conquer! Act like the wind, always with me! Those who follow me prosper, those who oppose me die! Ye Qing’s quotation: “I always persuade people with reason, and those who disagree are dead!”
iwmhbaf Creepypasta
Creepypasta are short stories passed around the internet made with the intention to scare people. In this series, I created my own creepypasta but it 's not exactly short. When Pele was looking through her old photos, she realized there was something in the backround. Something that, for some reason, came up as a blur to her whenever she looked at the pictures as a kid. When she tells her mom, however...
Aika0226 Lightning God's Oblivious Consort
She is a well-known writer in the 21st century. Her stories mainly involve whirlwind romance and eastern fantasy. Her stories are well-received and she is viewed highly for her wit and humour. But nobody knows that the highly acclaimed writer is a lazy and boyish 19-year-old girl whose experience in love is a total ZERO. He is a being of unknown origin. Conquering all four realms and unifying them...